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Hinode (Solar-B)

Hinode (Solar-B)

News Archive - 2009

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2009 Dec 17:

EIS News: Hinode - Japanese mission to investigate the Sun

2009 Dec 3:

XRT News: XRT is currently operating Filter Wheel 1 in "stepper mode". FW1 is currently set to the Al-med position. Early next week, FW1 will be moved to the Open position until further notice.

2009 Dec 2:

Hinode Science Center News: Postdoctoral Fellowships at NAOJ/Hinode project

2009 Nov 22:

EIS News: Solar Winds Triggered by Magnetic Fields

2009 Nov 13:

XRT News: XRT observations have resumed at 2009-Nov-13, 0900 UT.

2009 Nov 11:

XRT News: IMPORTANT--- XRT observations are expected to resume on the Saturday timeline (2009-Nov-14).

2009 Nov 3:

XRT News: IMPORTANT--- XRT observations were halted on October 23, 2009, in order to perform some instrument tests. The date for resuming observations has not yet been set, and is pending the results of the testing.

2009 Aug 17:

EIS News: Tiny Flares Responsible For Outsized Heat Of Sun's Atmosphere

2009 Apr 7:

Hinode Science Center News: A new solar dynamo mechanism discovered by the Hinode satellite