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Hinode (Solar-B)

Hinode (Solar-B)

News Archive - 2008

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2008 Oct 13:

EIS News: Hidden Boundaries Of Sunspots Pump Out Plasma Into Interplanetary

2008 Jul 1:

Operations News: HOPs are being accepted once again, since we have developed sufficient confidence in operating the spacecraft and the three instruments in this new slower, data-downlink mode. Hinode data are now transmitted through a back-up transmitter that has a considerably lower transmission rate. To compensate for the lower rate we have, over the last four months, increased the level of data compression without significantly affecting the quality of the data and improved our operational efficiency.

2008 Apr 9:

EIS News: Cambridge academics shed new light on the Sun

2008 Apr 7:

EIS News: Focused Solar Explosions Get Hotter

2008 Apr 3:

EIS News: Magnetic Fountains On The Sun

2008 Apr 2:

EIS News: Source of the slow solar wind and superhot flares

2008 Mar 13:

Hinode Science Center News: Hinode Science Data Downlink Status

2008 Mar 1:

Operations News: The Hinode Solar Observatory is currently experiencing technical difficulties that have resulted in a reduction in the rate at which scientific data can be transmitted to the ground from the on-board recorder. One of the near term impacts is the ability to accommodate observations by non-team members through the HOP (Hinode Operation Plan) process. Consequently we have imposed a one month moratorium on all HOPs that will extend through March 31, 2008.

2008 Feb 29:

Hinode Science Center News: Hinode Operation Update